Terms & Conditions

By using the services, or the website of Stretched Pixel, LLC you are agreeing fully to all of the following terms.

The Terms & Conditions on this page can change at any time without notice. Stretched Pixel, LLC does not typically notify clients of changes to the Terms & Conditions listed on this page. It is the clients responsibly to be aware of the current Terms & Conditions. The full list of Terms & Conditions is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week  without restriction at https://www.stretchedpixel.com/terms-conditions/ (Note: Some documentation provided by Stretched Pixel, LLC may refer to the Terms & Conditions page through its shortened URL of https://www.stretchedpixel.com/terms/ – This shortened URL is designed to make accessing the page easier and is a forward that redirects clients and visitors to the full URL. Both URLs are the same page.)

Fair Use

All websites and products created by Stretched Pixel, LLC are copyright and property of Stretched Pixel, LLC. Any customer who pays for services by Stretched Pixel, LLC are owned by the client after payment is received in full.


Stretched Pixel accepts the following payment types; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Under approved conditions, we sometimes accept checks for particular services. We reserve the right to deny payments by check.

During your website visit and online payment, your IP address will be logged to verify the location in which the secure credit card payment was made. This information is used as a verification method that you indeed made the payment, should we ever need to prove this information.

Website Hosting Invoices

All website hosting services are billed using our automated system on their due date. Our secure billing system will generate and send invoice notices 10 days before their due date. Invoices are automatically billed to your credit card on file on the due date in your invoices. Invoices are sent out to the email address on file. It is the responsibility of the client to keep their email address with Stretched Pixel, LLC up to date.

All web hosting fees are non-refundable under any circumstance.

Account Denial or Suspension Due to Non-Payment

Stretched Pixel, LLC reserves the right to deny access to website files via FTP access or other means until any unpaid services are paid and up to date. FTP access, shopping cart access or any other access that is hosted on the servers of Stretched Pixel, LLC can be suspended until unpaid services are paid and brought up to date. Total website and/or account suspension can result if an account is overdue for any invoice or service by 10 days or more.

Service Invoices

Service-related invoices are generated at the completion of services performed. Customer invoices, by default, will be set to bill automatically to the credit card on file on the due date. Invoices are sent out to the email address on file. It is the responsibility of the client to keep their email address with Stretched Pixel, LLC up to date.


If an invoice is not paid within 10 days from the due date, the website connected to the account will be manually or automatically suspended until the invoice is paid. An account suspension notice may or may not be sent to the client upon suspension. If a clients account is setup to use credit card payments by default and a payment is made by credit card through our secure online billing system, the account is typically automatically turned back on by our system. Due to some unique client situations, and how the clients account is setup, not all suspensions are automatically reversed if secure payment is made online. In these cases, the website hosting account will be manually activated shortly after the payment is made. We can not guarantee how quickly a hosting account is activated in these manual situations. However, an effort will be made to activate the account as quickly as possible.

Custom Programming/Design Services

Stretched Pixel, LLC considers custom programming or design work completed when the final payment is received. By paying for a service in full after a final invoice is generated the client is approving the project as satisfactorily completed and agrees no additional work will need to be performed under the original contractual agreement. While Stretched Pixel, LLC does thoroughly test our work, it is the customer’s responsibility to check all work performed by Stretched Pixel, LLC at the completion of the job before they pay their final bill. By paying the final bill the client is agreeing that the job has been completed in a satisfactory manner and no additional work is needed. Bugs or other issues that arise after final payment are not covered under the originally contracted work.

You agree that Stretched Pixel, LLC is not responsible for lose in sales, or other issues, due to website settings, website files, or anything Stretched Pixel, LLC has access to or has performed services for.

Pinnacle Cart

All Pinnacle Cart purchases are non-refundable.

SSL Certificates

Any SSL Certificate purchase is non-refundable.


Deposits made for design, programming or any other work are non-refundable under any circumstances. If a client pays anything additional to the required project deposit at the beginning of a contractual agreement they agree that the additional voluntary deposit is also non-refundable.


Stretched Pixel, LLC keeps copies of all email messages, text messages, phone call conversations and any other method of communication between Stretched Pixel, LLC and our clients mentioned or not mentioned here. These records are kept indefinitely and can and may be used for account maintenance, troubleshooting and any legal proceedings that may arise.  By doing business with Stretched Pixel, LLC you acknowledge these records and you agree for them to be recorded and archived by Stretched Pixel, LLC for any means that Stretched Pixel, LLC deems necessary.

Service Level Agreement

Stretched Pixel, LLC expects and demands a high level of website uptime and performance. We guarantee a 100% website uptime. If your website becomes unavailable due to reasons related to server level we will credit your account for the affected month.

Website uptime is determined by a third party monitoring services that Stretched Pixel, LLC uses. No other uptime notices will be used in determining Service Level Agreement. This includes any monitoring services the client utilizes on their own behalf.

If your website uptime, for the given month, goes below 100% your account will be credited 50% of your hosting fee for that month.

If your website uptime, for the given month, goes below 98% your account will be credited 100% your hosting fee for that month.

Stretched Pixel, LLC is not responsible for any sales lost due to downtime related to service or server issues.

Stretched Pixel, LLC reserves the right to terminate any existing support contracts if said company feels that the customer is being abusive of their service rights, or for any other reasons, noted or not. Any termination of a service contract is not eligible for any refund and by doing business with Stretched Pixel, LLC you are noting your agreement to this policy.

Pinnacle Cart Licensed & Hosted Service Agreement

Stretched Pixel, LLC is an authorized reseller of Pinnacle Cart shopping cart software. As such, the terms and conditions on Pinnacle Carts own website do not apply to Pinnacle Cart resellers.

Stretched Pixel, LLC is an Authorized Pinnacle Cart Reseller. As such, any licenses purchased through Stretched Pixel, LLC, or any hosted accounts with us will be provided support solely by Stretched Pixel, LLC. These purchases do not include any support directly through Pinnacle Cart.

Stretched Pixel, LLC includes support for cart usability and questions. Support packages do not include fixing bugs within Pinnacle Cart software, fixing/correcting issues or mistakes that are the cause of the client. Stretched Pixel, LLC can, for additional fees, correct issues that are outside the normal scope of included support packages.

Support term lengths are as stated with the package that is purchased. If additional support packages are needed they can be purchased for an additional fee. Please contact us for more details.

Any support request requires an active support contract directly with Stretched Pixel, LLC. No support related request can be fulfilled without an active support package.

Pinnacle Cart ties cart licenses to the URL the shopping cart is to be installed on. Because of this Pinnacle Cart licenses cannot be moved from one domain to another. For a URL change fee, we can provide an updated license key for any new URL clients wish to move their Pinnacle Cart install to.

All Pinnacle Cart purchases are non-refundable.